I work with a wide range of problems, typical among these are: anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, life crisis and emotional problems.
There are  2021 NO times available 

Initial assessment process 
After reading this section your first step is to call me. If we decide to meet after short talk in the phone, we will schedule an initial assessment. The next step is a initial assessment period. This assessment or consultation usually takes more than one session (contact me after your other possible assessment processes have ended). This meeting can clarify your situation and enable a decision to be made about whether or not psychotherapy would be helpful. We will begin with a brief discussion of your life situation and nature of the problems, office policies, and how therapy works, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions. During the assessment, I will ask questions and help you to describe your problems. I will also invite you to talk about what you have tried so far to help yourself and during the assessment process we will talk about your strengths, family ect. 

The decision to enter therapy is sometimes difficult. You may find that you need to put much thought into it. Before entering therapy, it is important that you understand why you are considering going into therapy. I do not force you to make a contract with me before you are ready to start with me. After the initial assessment is over I offer you a contract and make my recommendations for the setting of the therapy. Check the possibilities for KELA (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) support for your therapy. We can discuss this also by phone.

After the initial assessment stage, therapy happens within a very specific framework – this includes the regular weekly appointments, a very specific cancellation policy (e.g. a twenty four hour cancellation policy), monthly payment policy and co-operation with the therapist. Frequency of the therapy is usually 1-2 times/ week. Individual session length is 45 min. 

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is based on psychoanalytic theory and clinical experience. The therapist is there to help the patient understand his/her functioning, symptoms and relationships. As a main difference with other forms of therapy, rather than focus solely on the relief of symptoms, psychodynamic/psychoanalytic therapy aims to free the patient across a broad range of emotions, current and past if necessary. Also, it helps patients understand how they relate to others, by facilitating their self-exploration and helping them recognize their emotional blind spots, areas of difficulties and more. 

Although the psychotherapist is sometimes called a "problem doctor", therapist usually can help the patient to enhance his problem-solving capacities. Then the patient not only can do something about the problem that brought him to therapy originally, but also is better equipped to operate in all areas - to get more from and to give more to life. (Basch 1980, 170.) 

Therapist can not give you the exact length of time that you will be in therapy. Usually, the length of therapy will be easier for you and for your therapist to estimate after you have spent some time in the treatment. 

References Basch, Michael Franz 1980. Doing Psychotherapy. Basic Books, Inc. U.S.A.   

I am a VALVIRA (National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health) and KELA (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) registered Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist (and Music Therapist, M.Sc.). I have worked in the field of psychiatry (hospital and outpatient work) for over 15 years. Today I work only in the private sector. Print out namecard here

Music Therapy
Focus is in Music psychotherapy/ psychiatric problems 
Referred by: Psychiatrist or treatment team (first contact from the treatment team) 
Therapy begins with the initial assessment (see psychotherapy) 
Notice! KELA policy for economical support (age limit) 
For further information or for referral purposes, please contact by phone.

Terapiapalvelu Typha

You can contact directly py phone 045 122 64 22 (Finland only) or for further information please contact by e-mail: terapiapalvelu(AT)typha.fi 
 Information about fees is given on your initial contact. 
At the moment there are no times available for long term psychotherapy. 
 If you are interested in Training and Lecture services CONTACT BY E-MAIL Or LinkedIN (by Therapists name).


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